Takahiro Ohmura

Ph.D. in Engineering (Tokyo University of Science)

Takahiro Ohmura (b. 1991, the crab) is a Japanese architect whose works span several genres, including architectural design, academic research, writing and art. 
He established "GROUP," a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design, and art. 
His main research target is the relation between geometry and scale in architecture, through which he develops a unique architectural theory.
Recent works include "appearance of Interior Room, appearance at Video Meeting" (installation, 2020), "NOTES VOL.1 GARDEN" (magazine, 2021), "Garden beside WHITEHOUSE" (repair, 2021), "Teire/Repair" (solo exhibition, 2021).

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Fig. 5 | Grid on Architecture (Tokai Education Research Institute, 2020)

Fig. 4 | Scale of Architecture (Tokai University Press, 2018)



[Solo Exhibition] “Teire/Repair”, WHITEHOUSE, Japan, 2021.

[Venue Design] “NOKEMONO”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan, 2021.

[Venue Design] “ARATA MINO TO/FROM KUBA”, ANB Tokyo, Japan, 2021.

[Installation] “appearance of Interior Room, appearance at Video Meeting”, Break Station Gallery, Ueno, Japan, 2020.

[Group Exhibition] “SD Review 2019 The 38th Exhibition of Winning Architectural Drawings and Models”, Daikanyama Hillside Forum - Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives, Japan, 2019.

[Venue Design] “Alvar Aalto Introspective Space”, Venue Design, AIJ Architectural Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 2019.



[Doctoral Thesis] Geometry and Scale of Plane Shape in Contemporary Architecture: A Study on Allometric Character of Architectural Space, Tokyo University of Science, Sept., 2021.

[Peer-reviewed Journal] Takahiro Ohmura, Yuji Katagiri and Tatsuo Iwaoka: Structure of classification in Contemporary Aarchitecgture with a Circular Plan, A study on the geometry and scale in architecture Part 2, J.Archit. Plann., AIJ, Vol.86, No.783, pp.1581-1591, May, 2021.

[Peer-reviewed Journal] Takahiro OHMURA, Yuji KATAGIRI and Tatsuo IWAOKA: Typological structure in contemporary architecture made of a square plan —A study on the geometry and scale in architecture, Japan Architectural Review, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp. 562-575, 2019.

[International Conference] Takahiro OHMURA: Introduction to “Architectural Geometry”: Through analysis of architecture made of square plan, ICGG 2018 - Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics: 40th Anniversary - Milan, Italy, August 3-7, 2018 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing), pp.955-967, 2018.


Awards / Grants

2021.06- Jusoken | Research and Practice Grants

2019.08 SD Review 2019 | Merit prize

2017.01 Circos International Architecture Competition | 1st prize

2016.10 The 51st Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition | selected

2016.10 The 4th HULIC Student Idea Competition | 2nd prize

2016.06 POLUS Student Competition of Architecture | 3rd prize

2015.11 The 11th Daiwa House Competition | Merit prize

2015.10 The 3rd HULIC Student Idea Competition | Merit prize

2015.03 Akarenga Diploma Collection 2015 | 1st prize



1991 Born in Toyama, Japan

2015 Bachelor degree from Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2017 Master degree from Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2017-20 Ph.D. Student, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2018- Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Part-time Lecturer

2020- Window Research Institute 

2020 Atelier and I

2021- Established NOTESEDITION (Publisher)

2021- Established GROUP (Architectural practice)

2021- Committee member, Online Magazine of Architectural Critique (KENCHIKU TORON), Architectural Institute of Japan (2021-2023)

2022- Tokyo University of Science Part-time Lecturer

2022- Tokyo City University Part-time Lecturer