Takahiro Ohmura

Ph.D. in Engineering


1991 Born in Toyama, Japan.

2015 Bachelor degree from Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2017 Master degree from Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2017-20 Ph.D. Student, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

2018- Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Part-time Lecturer

2020- Window Research Institute 

2020 Atelier and I

2021- Established NOTESEDITION (Publisher)

2021- Established GROUP (Architectural practice)

2021- Committee member, Online Magazine of Architectural Critique (KENCHIKU TORON), Architectural Institute of Japan (2021-2023)






Fig. 5 | Grid on Architecture, Tokai Education Research Institute, 2020

Fig. 4 | Scale of Architecture, Tokai University Press, 2018



2020 “appearance of Interior Room, appearance at Video Meeting”, Break Station Gallery, Ueno, Japan

2019 “SD Review 2019 The 38th Exhibition of Winning Architectural Drawings and Models”, Daikanyama Hillside Forum - Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives, Japan

2019  “Alvar Aalto Introspective Space”, Venue Design, AIJ Architectural Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2017  “Junzo Sakakura : Une architecture pour l’homme”, construction the 1/2000 model of master plan, Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, Paris, France

2015  “Legendary Houses in Postwar Japan – Provocative / Introspective”, construction the 1/20 and 1/50 models of “Machiya in Minase”(designed by Kazunari Sakamoto), MOMAS (Saitama) - Hiroshima MOCA - Matsumoto City Museum of Art - Hachioji Yume Art Museum, Japan



Doctoral Thesis | Geometry and Scale of Plane Shape in Contemporary Architecture: A Study on Allometric Character of Architectural Space, Tokyo University of Science, Sept., 2021

Peer-reviewed Journal | Takahiro OHMURA, Yuji KATAGIRI and Tatsuo IWAOKA:STRUCTURE OF CLASSIFICATION IN CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE WITH A CIRCULAR PLAN, A study on the geometry and scale in architecture Part 2, J.Archit. Plann., AIJ, Vol.86, No.783, pp.1581-1591, May, 2021

Translated Paper |

Peer-reviewed Journal | Takahiro OHMURA, Yuji KATAGIRI and Tatsuo IWAOKA: TYPOLOGICAL STRUCTURE IN CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE MADE OF SQUARE PLAN, A study on the geometry and scale in architecture, J.Archit. Plann., AIJ, Vol.83, No.752, pp.2067-2077, Oct., 2018

International Conference | Takahiro OHMURA: Introduction to “Architectural Geometry”: Through analysis of architecture made of square plan, ICGG 2018 - Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics: 40th Anniversary - Milan, Italy, August 3-7, 2018 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing), pp.955-967


Awards / Grants

2021.06- Jusoken | Research and Practice Grants

2019.08 SD Review 2019 | Merit prize

2017.01 Circos International Architecture Competition | 1st prize

2016.10 The 51st Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition | selected

2016.10 The 4th HULIC Student Idea Competition | 2nd prize

2016.06 POLUS Student Competition of Architecture | 3rd prize

2015.11 The 11th Daiwa House Competition | Merit prize

2015.10 The 3rd HULIC Student Idea Competition | Merit prize

2015.03 Akarenga Diploma Collection 2015 | 1st prize